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Are you thinking of starting a business that will work during Covid-19? You are in the right place.

Orbit Merchants is your one-stop-shop for all your catering equipment.
Demand for food trucks is rising, and we offer you everything you need to start a food truck business.
The growth of the food truck industry is increasing day by day, unlike many other businesses that have been shut down.
Nowadays many people are shifting to food trucks: they prefer to eat in, rather than going out for a meal because of pandemic and social distancing requirements. Besides, state pandemic restrictions have forced tight capacities on restaurants, which are now required to be closed.
Unlike restaurants which have fixed location and facilities, food trucks can quickly change their location, menu, and market. You can bring the restaurant experience directly to guests via a food truck. You can serve up delectable cuisine from your food truck business. Besides you don’t have to worry about indoor concerns as customers order outside and take their food to go.
So, running a food truck business is a smarter business investment as you will not be affected in the same ways that a restaurant maybe during the times of Covid-19.

Food Truck Rental

If You Are Looking To Rent A Food Truck, You Are In The Right Place.

We offer you a wide range of food trucks.
We can help you accomplish your goals, whether it is renting a food truck to cater either a public event or a private event, to build a mobile business, or to launch a live marketing promotion.
Our service team will help you with renting the perfect food truck you need if you are still not sure which one you are looking for.
Besides we work quickly and effectively, saving your time, money and delivering a better experience.

Our Equipment

Here, at orbitmerchants.com we provide the widest selection of Food Truck Supplies and Equipment. Whenever you are intending to start a food truck business, you will find every possible and impossible product, supply, and equipment on our website. We offer equipment for all internal product handling to all segments within the food industry: fish, meat, bakery, vegetable, dairy, groceries.

We offer:

1. Food Truck Essentials; from plastic cups, lids, and flatware to take-out containers, from panini and tortilla grills, gas and electric ranges, and charbroilers.
2. Food Truck Preparation Supplies; cookware, spatulas, thermometers, fruit cutters, and more.
3. Food Truck Serving Supplies: tongs, turners, ladles, serving utensils, and more.
4. Food Truck All-Purpose Disposables: plastic and foil wraps, paper napkins.
5. Food Truck Refrigeration: from sandwich and hot-dog prep stations to ice cream freezers.
6. Food Truck Warming and Holding Equipment: fry dump stations, soup kettles, heat lamps.
7. Food Truck Countertop Ovens and Steamers.
8. Food Truck Deep Fryers: gas, electric, and ventless fryers.

All our products meet the high standards that exist in the food industry. Our equipment and products are flexible, safe, and hygienic. They have a modern design and are easy to adapt to your wishes. We work hard to achieve high levels of quality and the lowest prices for each of your products and equipment we offer.


We have best prices in town!

Estella EMIX8 Silver 8 Qt. Bowl Lift Programmable Commercial Countertop Mixer



Vollrath VCBF128-37 Dual 2.6 Gallon Frozen Beverage Machine

Available for purchase and rent


Choice Economy 8 Qt. Full Size Stainless Steel Chafer with Folding Frame



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