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Bloomfield 8572D3F Low-volume Decanter Coffee Maker – Automatic, 1/2 gal./hr, 120v

Bloomfield 8572D3F Low-volume Decanter Coffee Maker – Automatic, 1/2 gal./hr, 120v


Product Details

  • Automatic operation runs with a water supply hookup and does not need to be refilled manually
  • Pour-over option for when a hookup is not available, letting users manually add water to the tank
  • 1 brewer
  • Water volume adjustment
  • Ready-to-brew light shows the temperature is at the correct level
  • Sprayhead spreads water over the coffee grounds for agitation that saturates the coffee, extracting flavors and aromas
  • Thermostat’s full-length stainless steel bulb accurately reads water temperature
  • 3 lower warming stations
  • Porcelain-enameled warmers securely hold decanters without scratching them
  • Front-mounted hot water dispenser
  • 1-piece stainless steel tank
  • Water valve with built-in flow control and a strainer provide operation between a consistent 20-90 PSI
  • Strong stainless steel construction simplifies cleaning
  • Low-profile design
  • Accessible components for servicing
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The Bloomfield 8572D3F Koffee King® drip coffee maker operates automatically, pumping in water from a water line so users do not have to manage and maintain a certain fill level. If a connection to a water supply line is not available, the operator can set the brewer to operate with the pour-over option, so users can manually add water to the reservoir. After coffee is dispensed from the unit’s one brewer, it can be kept in decanters on the warming stations. It has three warming plates, all of which are on the lower section of the coffee maker, while their porcelain-enameled construction supports heavy use and does not leave scratch marks on decanters.

The Bloomfield 8572D3F decanter coffee maker’s thermostat accurately recognizes the temperature of the water in the reservoir, and when it reaches the right level, the indicator light shines, signaling the unit is ready to start brewing. A hot water dispenser is integrated into the front of this coffee maker if users want to make tea or hot chocolate.


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