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Lamber 16″ Undercounter Dish Washer Model DSP3

Lamber 16″ Undercounter Dish Washer Model DSP3



MaterialStainless Steel
Warranty1 Year
Net Weight77.2 lbs
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Founded in 1976 by Raimondo Affabahe, the Lamber company early on became an industry leader in the commercial dish machine market. Lamber is still a leader today, as shown by this excellent compact under-counter glasswasher (model DSP3). Cutting edge, state of the art technology has made this unit simpler and easier to use rather than needlessly complicating the simple task of washing glassware. Base-mounted, stainless steel rotating wash spray arms provide powerful cleaning in a cycle time of just two minutes. Sophisticated thermostat control software ensures temperature consistency for each and every rinse cycle– which is a very good thing when you are racking up long hours of sustained dishwashing. Maintenance is simple and easy; the unit control panel can be removed, keeping it moisture-free during cleaning. This energy star efficient unit is fast, efficient and hardworking – and what more can you ask for in a dishwasher? Ul and Ul Sanitation listed, this glasswasher operates on 220V power.


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