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Stroud Fire Suppression System 5lb FE-36

Stroud Fire Suppression System 5lb FE-36


Quantity: Sold as a kit
Bottle Brackets Included: Yes
Bottle Finish: Powdercoated red
Bottle Material: Steel
Cable Included: Yes
Discharge Line Included: Yes
Discharge Line Length (ft.): 12.5
Discharge Line Material: Steel
Fire System Activation: Cable Pull Activation
Fire System Agent: Dupont FE36
Fittings Included: Yes
Hardware Included: Yes
Number of Discharge Ports: Two
Number of Spray Nozzles: Three
SFI-Approved: Yes
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 9302
Shipping Weight: 12.71
Package Height: 5.8
Package Depth: 15.5
Package Width: 14.7


One of the most dependable FE-36 systems available, Stroud Safety Fire Systems are safe to use under the most extreme conditions. Stroud has been protecting drivers and equipment for over 20 years. They continue the tradition with a range of fire suppression delivery systems for all motorsports.

One pound of FE-36 discharged for every 50 cubic feet of enclosed volume will achieve a 5% concentration in the air. This is sufficient to extinguish most fires with a substantial margin of safety. Stroud Safety Systems are designed to achieve the concentration within ten seconds, where upon combustion cannot occur. Any size enclosed area will be protected as long as a 5% concentration of FE-36 is present. Once the agent is diluted with fresh air to below the 5% concentration, the system begins to lose its effectiveness.

FE-36 has proven effective on the flammable portions of Class A fires (wood, paper, etc.), Class B fires (flammable liquid and gas), and Class C fires (electrical). It has also been found effective on deep-seated Class A fires if sufficient soaking time is allowed to dissipate the heat.

The DuPont Company concludes that FE-36, when used in concentrations of up to 7% by volume for several minutes, can be used in the presence of humans with a high degree of safety. Research has proven that concentrations of up to 7% by volume of FE-36 produce no harmful lasting physical effects on humans. However, in concentrations exceeding 7%, tests have shown that subjects experience feelings of lightheadedness and reduced dexterity. Under normal conditions, the agent does not have corrosive or other adverse effects on metal or plastic components. All Stroud Fire Suppression Systems include all mounting hardware, 3 deployment nozzles, 25′ of tubing, and 8′ of cut-to-fit pull cable.


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