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Superior Hoods FIRE SUPP-7 Fire Suppression System for 7ft Hood

Superior Hoods FIRE SUPP-7 Fire Suppression System for 7ft Hood


BrandSuperior Hoods

Item Dimensions

Weight70.00 lbs.
Width31.00 in.
Depth31.00 in.
Height10.00 in.
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This item must be ordered along with the hood

Note: fire suppression systems are only available for new hoods purchased from ACityDiscount
This listing is for the addition of a fire suppression system to a new hood.

This system is for medium to high heat applications. Standard cooking equipment such as 1-Fryer, Ranges, Griddles, etc is considered medium to high heat.

uses a highly effective liquid suppressing agent that fights fires three ways:

  1. Breaks the Chemical Reaction by interrupting the chemical chain that causes fires to spread intensify. It stops fire cold.
  2. Creates Steam and Cools, reducing damage and helps prevent re-ignition.
  3. Smothers the fire when discharged, a chemical chain reaction produces a soapy foam. Oxygen is cut off The fire goes out. The thick layer of foam reduces the possibilities of re-ignition.
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., tested to UL 300
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, tested to ULC/ORD-1254C.6
  • Conforms to NFPA standards 17A and 96
  • New York City MEA approval
  • DOT rated steel cylinders

    Installation Requirements

    The installed Fire Suppression System will require an equipment layout utilizing a maximum 2″ gas valve, which will equal roughly 3 million BTU’s. This is pre-piped but the Installer will need to finish connecting the piping both to the pull station and the inside of the exhaust plenum after the hole for the exhaust duct is cut.


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